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Date 2024-03-13
  1.  Year of Establishment

In 2005, the Graduate Institute of Educational Administration and Policy was established to address the lack of experienced and professional administrators in the educational field. Our goal is to provide systematic training for graduate students who will be able to serve in governmental organizations in order to provide suggestions in the process of policy-making.


  1.  Educational Goals

The institute is a cradle for the development of outstanding educational administrators and policy makers. The institute is committed to becoming the most outstanding graduate institute within the field, by fostering the development of high quality educational leaders, strengthening strategic decision-making processes, investing in the education of these leaders, and integrating with the world's best schools.

1. Educational Objectives:

(1) Cultivate elites in educational administration and policy.

(2) Develop excellent leaders in different fields of school administration and policy.

(3) Provide quality training opportunities for educational and school administrators.

2. Future Development

(1) Intensify cooperation with foreign and domestic graduate schools.

(2) Provide more civil service examination preparation courses.

(3) Establish itself as one of the leading research institutes in the field of educational administration.

(4) Enhance international academic cooperation.



  1.  Qualified teachers and curriculum

The Graduate Institute of Educational Administration and Policy faculty members include four professors and one assistant. In addition, we also collaborate with the Department of Education, the Department of Law and the Department of Public Administration to provide courses in related professional fields.


A minimum of 30 credits must be completed, including three required subjects: Study on Educational Administration, Study on Educational Policy Analysis, and Study on School Administration; all other courses are elective.


We cordially welcome graduates from different colleges and universities.


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