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Date 2020-02-11

I. Year of Establishment

The Graduate Institute of Educational Administration and Policy was established on August 1 2005, formerly as the Educational Administration Group in the Department of Education. The institute was established due to limited academic programs in the field of educational administration, and thus lacking in the cultivation for top ranking experts and personnel. The institute enrolled its first students in 2006 through various admission examinations, and has strived to produce the top-notch students in the field of educational administration and policy.


II. Educational Goals

The institute is a cradle for producing outstanding educational administrators and policy makers. Through promoting the quality of our educational leaders, strengthening the process which strategic decisions are made, and investing in the training of such leaders, all of which lead to the goal of developing into the most outstanding graduate institute in the field, and integrating with the best schools around the globe.

1. Educational Objectives:

(1) Cultivating leaders and administrators in the field of education.

(2) Cultivating scholars and researchers in the field of education.

2. Future Development

(1) Further cooperation with foreign and domestic graduate institutes.

(2) Open more courses related to the civil service examination.

(3) Develop into one of the key institutes for research in the field of educational administration.

(4) Promote international academic interaction.


III. Qualified teachers and curriculum

The institute’s teaching staff consists of four full-time teachers (all of which are professors). On one hand, the institute has cooperated with the school’s department of education, department of law, and the department of public administrations to open collaborative courses.

The students must take at least 30 credits for graduation, with 3 required courses: Study on Educational Administration, Study on School Administration, and Study on Analysis of Educational Policy.

Students who did not complete a bachelor’s degree relevant to the field of education are required to take compensatory courses in the department of education.


The Graduate Institute of Educational Administration and Policy sincerely welcomes students who are hard working and dedicated to the contribution in the academic field.

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